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What does Lemon Street Film Company do?

First and foremost Lemon Street Film Company focuses on video production, and how it can be used to tell stories. From films to ads, we know how to engage our audience.

For businesses, we leverage creative video to build awareness, grow audiences, and sell products.

By no means are we limited to video production—we also have specialists in web design, content creation, and virtually any type of creative services you or your business needs.

Where does Lemon Street Film Company work?

We're headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Our team is spread across the region including (but not limited to) New York City, DC, Philadelphia, Denver, and Chicago.

How much does Video Production cost?

The price of video production really does vary based on the scope of your project. Fortunately we aren't stuck to a rigid pricing plan, and can work with your budget to get you the results you're looking for at a fair price.




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