Stay Pittsburgh


Hotel Stay Pittsburgh needed a way to eliminate third party costs. Before Orange Astronaut stepped in, Stay Pittsburgh was losing thousands of dollars a month listing rooms on Airbnb. It was our job to both develop a platform where guests could book directly on Stay Pittsburgh’s website, but also, devise a campaign that drove traffic back to the site so consumers could take advantage of this service.


After our developers built the database to support the direct bookings, we moved to the digital marketing stage. Using thorough market analysis and audience segmentation, OA discovered what type of persona books with Stay Pittsburgh— travelers looking for care-free accommodations while in town to experience popular Pittsburgh events. From there we doubled down creating more of what this out-going persona enjoyed; colorful rooms with unique characteristics. To do this, we insisted that slight renovations be made to each room—adding memorable artwork, furniture and design elements. Following that, we used new copy and photography to highlight the quirkiness and upgrades. Next, we used this content to run digital ads across Google and social driving traffic down the sales funnel and onto the site.

Today we continue to work with Stay Pittsburgh—developing their brand from the ground up.